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Christmas & New Year Schedule

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

Important! Lots of scheduling information for the holiday season!

Confession before Christmas

December 16

St. Demetrius- after Divine Liturgy

December 23

St. John's- after Divine Liturgy

Christmas Eve, Blessing of the Bread

December 24

7:00AM- St. John's- Liturgy and Blessing of Bread

9:00AM- St. Demetrius- Blessing of Bread

10:30AM- UCI Dickinson- Blessing of Bread

*The Blessing of Bread is for every family to take home a loaf to break and share at their Holy Supper on Christmas Eve. A gift from Fr. Ivan and Olena.


December 25

8:00AM- St. John's- Christmas Liturgy

10:00AM- St. Demetrius- Christmas Liturgy

December 26

9:00AM- St. Demetrius- Synaxis of the Theotokos

December 27

9:00AM- St. John's- Feast of St. Stephen

December 30

8:0AM- St. John's- Regular Sunday after Christmas

10:00AM- St. Demetrius- Regular Sunday after Christmas

2019! Happy New Year!

January 1

9:00AM- St. John's- Thank you for the past year and Blessing for the New Year

January 5

2:00PM- St. John's- Divine Liturgy and Blessing of Water

3:00PM- Holy Supper with all parishioners of St. John's & St. Demetrius

January 6

8:00AM- St. John's- Feast of Theophany

10:00AM- St. Demetrius- Feast of Theophany

Blessing Of The Homes

January 7

Begin Blessing of Homes. Everyone needs to be present when Fr. Ivan and Deacon Leonard arrive to bless the home.

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