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Whetstone to Ukraina

As remembered by Kathryn (Petryzak) Malkowski

Excerpts adapted from the "Century Of Faith (2006) article "Memories of Kathryn and Philip Malkowski" by Germaine Ueckert

Kathryn's folks, Stefan and Mary Petryszak, were lifetime members of St. Demetrius. They traveled from Whetstone*, which was between Killdeer and Grassy Butte, to Ukraina for church services. The family traveled the twenty five miles by horse and buggy, and later with a truck or car. Kathryn remembered the horses were unhooked and tied to the side box. The horses would eat and the people went to church.

Kathryn would stand for several hours for the whole mass.

image showing the hamlet once known as Ukraina, North Dakota.  It shows Saint Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church and Saints Peter & Paul Ukrainian Orthodox Church
Ukraina, North Dakota (circa late 1930's)

Kathryn was a child when her father passed way in 1937. She recalls having the body brought to the house. Cantor, Nick Romanyshyn, and the neighbors would say prayers during the day and night till the third day. The funeral and burial was at St. Demetrius Church.

Father Borsa and his housekeeper, Dora Demaniow would visit the family in Whetstone. Kathryn reflected that Father Borsa enjoyed singing and she enjoyed his sermons from the pulpit in front of the church.

*The historical area known as Whetstone, North Dakota was located approximately 9 miles west of the Hwy. 22 / Hwy. 200 intersection (Killdeer), 1 mile north, and 1.5 miles west. No longer in existence, the Whetstone Chapel (also know as Dovre Lutheran Church) with its cemetery on a hill still stands as a marker.(GPS coordinates 47.383349,-103.008798). This church held regular services until 1943.


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