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Welcome to St. Demetrius!

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory forever!

Слава Ісусу Христу! Слава навіки!

St. Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church is located 15 miles north of Belfield, North Dakota along U.S. Highway 85 (just south of Fairfield).  We are an Eastern Catholic parish which celebrates the Byzantine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.

There are twenty-two distinct Churches which together form the Catholic Church: the Western or "Latin" Church, which nearly all Americans are familiar with, and the Eastern Churches, of which there are a total of twenty-one. The Ukrainian Catholic Church is the largest of these Eastern Churches.

icon of Jesus Christ at Saint Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic Church in Fairfield, North Dakota

​Divine Liturgy

Regular Schedule*


1st, 3rd, & 5th Sundays Of The Month


2nd & 4th Sundays Of The Month

*The regular schedule is subject to change due to special events and Holy Days.  Please check Latest Parish Updates and/or Weekly Bulletins for the most current information.

  • Baptism by appointment.

  • Confessions before Sunday Liturgy or by appointment.

  • For weddings, please contact Father Stepan six (6) months ahead and  before finalizing date.

Father Stepan Ivanchyk
Phone: 701-300-1098

Deacon Leonard Kordonowy

Phone: 701-290-3361

Physical Address

2123 Highway 85

15 miles north of Belfield

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