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Special Collections for St. John The Baptizer Church in San Diego, California

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Help Fr. Yuriy Sas and his parish build their new church! Special collections at St. Demetrius through May 2020

Fr. Yuriy Sas faithfully served St. Demetrius for two years before being transferred to southern California in 2018. Since that time he and his family have continued to have strong ties to our community in North Dakota!

They are working to accumulate the funds to build their new church and St. Demetrius will help them the best we can! We will be collecting funds for them through May 2020. Any help is greatly appreciated!

You can donate directly to St. Demetrius and we will pass the funds along. Please make a memo or note "San Diego Church Building Fund" on the check or with the donation so we can properly route it to them.

Donations can be sent via mail to:

St. Demetrius Church 12897 20th Steet SW Belfield, ND  58622

You can also donate through our online giving portal:

Again, please be sure to note in the message section, "San Diego Church Building Fund"

Thank you so very much! Щиро дякуємо!

February 26, 2020

Glory be to Jesus Christ!

Dear Reverend Fathers, Pastors and Administrators,

As you well know, St. Nicholas Eparchy consists of 43 parishes and missions which are scattered across the larger portion of the United States stretching from the Midwest to the West Coast. Most of our parishes are constant and have their own churches, prope1iies and established communities. Last year, Immaculate Conception in Palatine, IL began the building of a new church to accommodate their growing parish and is expected to be completed in the summer of this year. The Parish community in Palatine is solid and was able to raise enough funds to begin their building project, which will soon see completion.

However, due to the constant shifting and migration of the population, different situations arise and some parishes find that it is necessary to sell the old church in order to build in a better location for their faithful. This is the case for the parish community that found it had to sell its church in La Mesa, CA and build in San Diego. The sale provided enough funds to purchase the property on which to construct a new church and has collected some funds for the actual building of the church. The parish community is growing, and I believe that Fr. Yuriy Sas, the administrator of St. John the Baptizer Parish, will be successful in maintaining this movement for many years. The building of the new church in San Diego will become another building of a new church project in the St. Nicholas Eparchy.

I appeal to all the parishes, missions and communities of St. Nicholas Eparchy to have a collection specifically for the community of St. John the Baptizer Church in San Diego during the months of March thru May 2020.

Please send all collected funds to:

St. Nicholas Eparchy - Financial Office and memo "San Diego Church Building Fund".

May the Lord bless you all for your generous donations.

May the blessings of the Lord be upon you!

Bishop Benedict , St. Nicholas Eparchy

Visit the St. John The Baptizer website at

Watercolor renderings of St. John The Baptizer to be built in Santee, California!

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